Insurance: How Our Office Can Help

Woman at the dentist
Our office will do everything possible to help you understand and receive the benefits to which you are entitled, however the insurance company has the final ”say” about what they will or will not pay. We will assist you in filing and submitting the proper forms so that you may receive appropriate coverage. It is in the interest of the insurance company to delay or “request more information” so as to prolong the processing of your payment. If necessary, we may need to ask for your assistance in the timely processing of your claim.

Many insurance companies try to control the amount and type of dental care you receive by “requiring” authorization for certain procedures in advance. In most cases we can begin your care prior to receiving an authorization from the insurance company. In the unlikely event that the insurance company refused to pay for treatment, you will be responsible for the entire fee. Naturally, we will provide you with the full fees in advance so you may know the cost of treatment.